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We believe the world is full of opportunities.However,without proper guidance and right acess to the education institution, young, ebergetic and political minds are gradually turning  inactive and dull.Despite having all means to invest for quality education many of you are compelled to watch the world encaged in illusion.In many cases,with the misguidance from friends,families,seniors and even institution young minds are often left to ponder among reality and allusion.As such,enthusiastic minds often lose their passion and care are left to settle for peanuts or no sucess in life.

Hence,startup is determined to ensure that doors for best academic and economic opportunities are opened for all of you.Startup helps you to select the right schools,colleges and universities as per your goals,financial capacity and opportunity to make your dream come true.





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John Doe.


The staff at Start Up were very helpful, and they are always there when needed. The staff can help you from A to Z - from choosing universities to student visa support, helping you to avoid all the mistakes and misunderstandings of the process. Thank You, for all the help and support.

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Samakhusi-29, Kathmandu , Nepal.
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Email: startup.educon@gmail.com

Phone: +977-9843783660
(+977) 9813551085
Email: startup.educon@gmail.com

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Email: startup.educon@gmail.com

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